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Smrita Jain is an India born, NYC-based award-winning UX/UI interaction designer and an internationally renowned artist with studios located in Brooklyn and Manhattan. Her art has been showcased in New York, London and India. She is also a cultural documentary photographer. Her first photography book Creating Durga gained international recognition. Her second book, an autobiography, called Fat Free Samosa is due for release in 2019-2020.

She was the keynote speaker at KADLondon2017, a creativity conference and has also spoken at Global Status of Women and Girls Conference, Virginia.

To name a few, she has exhibited at Pratt Institute, Javits Center, Queens Museum, The Juliana Curran Terian Design Center Pavilion, The Arthur M. Berger Art Gallery and The Nehru Center London.

As a designer, she has worked for various companies including Wilbur-Ellis, Financial Accounting Foundation, Ernst & Young, WebMD, Manchester Designer Outlets, Google, JDRF, Tyco, Rockefeller Center Collaborative Research Center, NASCAR Hall of Fame, Ministry of Indian Tourism and Supreme Court Museum of India.

She has won awards, amongst others, from American Graphic Design, Creativity International, Summit International Creative, London International Creative and Design Firms

On January 31, 2018, Smrita Jain was selected as People To Watch 2018, by GDUSA, as an individual who embodies the combination of art and design talent, leadership, success, newsworthiness and community service.

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